The Gravel Riders

Welcome to our happy place, a place beyond the gates where man-made objects fade away, a place where gravel riding is the game and the players are the gravel riders.
Come see what the gravel riders have already figured out – that nature is awesome and cars are evil and riding gravel 100% of the time is a wise choice. The only time it’s ok to ride the road is to get to gravel.
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Me + gravel bike = this
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you can see Puget Sound from here
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the calm before the storm
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there's no smiling in gravel riding, must be lost roadies
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Local gravel riding – Wa Cascades / SnoValley

While the gravel rider community is worldwide, our version is rooted in the foothills of Washington State east of Seattle, basically from Issaquah to Cle Elum and beyond until the gravel runs out, which is never. We have a huge array of gravel, hard pack and dirt options, from steep, rocky fire roads climbing to radio towers, to long straight flatish gravel grinders that stretch forever.

Washington’s Cascades & Foothills

That’s where this story takes place only because it’s where we live and ride. We’re interested in expansion, if you are as well, ping us.

Our gravel riding stacks up against any in the world, we have old rail lines that run through the deepest forests and through the most barren deserts and everything in between. We have gravel climbs into the mountains that will make you run home cryin’ to your mama.

If you live here, then you probably already know what’s up but if you are from elsewhere and gravel-curious, take a little trip with us.

Snoqualmie Pass offers a pretty nice jumping off point, there are countless logging and fire roads, but most get snowed in from late November to March, so we are fortunate to have 100,000+ acre tree farm in spitting distance, so for $60/year, we can ride that and try not to get lost. We regularly encounter wildlife but most times we see no humans – what an amazing resource.

Sounds good, how do I get started out there?

First of all, bring your gravel bike or mtb and park in the big gravel lot at King and Railroad in downtown Snoqualmie.
Go across the street to Bindlestick Cafe and get a triple espresso, then jump on either the Snoqualmie Valley Trail (SVT),

There is great access to the trail, one good way is where Mt. Si Golf Course is, you’ll usually ride by a bunch of elk just across the street from the course.
Another option is to head toward the Snoqualmie Falls to the millpond to get to the Mainline to enter the tree farm.

If your plans are to hit the tree farm, you’ll need a permit ($10/day or $60/annual). Motorized permits sell out fast, passes on sale in March.
Get Avenza Maps, download this Campbell Global map pdf and add it to the Avenza app and you’ll be set using the gps on your smart phone (Location).

Below are questions asked to local gravel Facebook groups and forums

Gravel riding gear questions answered

These are questions posed by gravel riders in some of the local-to-Washington social groups Q: Looking for Smaller Handlebar Bag A: Arkel BB Packer, CALIFORNIA BURRITO - HANDLEBAR BAG, Revelate Designs Egress Pocket Q: Gravel tires A: Schwable G series, Panaracer...

eRock’s personal gravel riding gear list

Welcome to my world, as of June 13 this is what I am either riding or will be riding soon. I just found a deep tire rub dent on my '18 Specialized CaadX Ultegra which sucks because I love that bike. I altered it a bit with a black Brooks Cambium saddle, Salsa Cowbell...

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Start you Washington gravel search here >

A decent-sized Strava group of many Sno Valley riders

Come ride with us


Gravel, gravel riding, offroad riding, adventure seeking. mostly dropbar but not always


Year-round, our gravel ranges from sea-level to more than 5,000 feet so there is almost always some snow-free gravel to ride. Or just take your fat bike.


The lower rail-trails if there’s snow, in the summer it’s wide open – it’s often about peak bagging and tower bagging.

it’s just better here


Check out some of the stuff on this site, you should be able to glean enough expertly and creatively written directions here.


You, if you want a better life


Because people