Rider Bio: Tim Woolford

Tim Woolford

I’ve had a two-track mind for more than 30 years, starting out in BMX, racing cross country and downhill mountain bikes, dabbling in Ironman and sprint tri’s and a short career in road racing before realizing that the gravel cross-training was really where the fun was at.

Nowadays my passion really lies in exploring the mountains and remote areas of the PNW, piecing together bits of old trails and fire roads and finding out exactly how far we can push ourselves, how far we can push our friends, and how much hike-a-bike is too much hike-a-bike.

Usually you’ll find me building “treasure map” routes of road/dirt/singletrack/gravel/hike and trying to recruit people sick enough to come along for the “adventure” and chew on their bar tape in the mountains.

I also still enjoy piecing together epic road climb loops around the world and make a couple of trips a year to shake my teeth loose on French and Belgian cobblestones or chase the coiled serpent switchbacks of the haute Alpes.

I also ski, hike, trail run and the mountain bike bug is even making a come-back.

What do I ride?

All the bikes, mostly a lightweight carbon cross frame spec’ed out for the current adventure. N = 9.

What’s on the docket? Another Ironman, The Rift (Iceland – gravel), EuroRad4 (road), Circumnavigate Mont Blanc (road bike), Circumnavigate Mt Baker (bike/climb/run), DirtyWazza (if you know, you know), Transcontinental…


Tim Woolford


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