Recap: Gran Fondo Ephrata

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thegravelriders gran fondo ephrata

2019 was pretty strange, in January it was possible to get up in the high country with no traces of winter, but then the snow massacre happened and everything got destroyed, I had glaciers on my parking strip in Snoqualmie for at least 5 weeks.

Jake and the boys had been furiously trying to find something to ride on and finally settled on a pretty excellent road route, but any gravel was buried in either snow and/or the worst mud slop ever seen.
I drove over Saturday morning so I could check out Rocky Ford Creek for a little fishing and that was cool.
I drove by a lady out shoveling her sidewalk with a hoe so I had to stop and take over. She reminded me of my mom and I just couldn’t NOT stop. She stayed out there and bs’d with me the whole time, cool lady.

Greg B was kind enough to share his motel room in Soap Lake so we chowed and got ready to rumble.
Sunday dawned bright and we drove to the starting point and saddled up. The ride itself was pretty epic in the scenery – it was blazing bright with the sun and snow and the elevation gain was actually more than usual, so we had to work pretty hard, especially at the end – there was a last loop that was unkind and was determined to leave a lasting mark.

Over all, this ride was pretty challenging for early March and gravel training was seriously hampered because of the weeks of snow, and as usual, Greg started dropping me toward the end and I was cursing him and me, mostly me though. Once again, the Vicious Cycle families and crew were superb, this was a great ride and they salvalged what could have easily been a big cancel, kudos.

We’ll be back next year for sure.

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