eRock’s personal gravel riding gear list

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Welcome to my world, as of June 13 this is what I am either riding or will be riding soon. I just found a deep tire rub dent on my ’18 Specialized CaadX Ultegra which sucks because I love that bike. I altered it a bit with a black Brooks Cambium saddle, Salsa Cowbell (or Cowchipper, don’t remember which), Stan’s GrailX wheels, Panaracer Gravelkings 40, and occasionally, bikenutz.
After talking to lbs folks, I decided to retire the caadx frame, everything we ride is rough and having a suspect frame is a bad idea. So, here we go…

Bike: Vaast A/1 magnesium frame and carbon fork
I found this frame online and read a bunch of reviews and videos and nobody trashed it, so I’m going all in on it. I am building it up as a 700c 1x, new red BB, Sram crankset, new endcaps from Speed Tuned hubs to convert my Stan’s rims from QR (quick release) into TA (thru axle). I had already ordered some awesome bar tapes with this one going first.

Handlebars: Salsa Cowchipper

Tires: Panaracer Gravelkings
I have been running these for 3 years with no issues other than they kick up a lot of gravel when they are newer. I also the Clement X’Plor MSO, Clement Crusade PDX and Vittoria Cross XL Pro.

Helmets: Thousand, Brooks / Carerra, Catlike

Shoes: Diamondback Overdrive for gravel bike, FiveTen Freerider Pro for mtb, Bontrager Inform as backup.

Bike bags: Chrome Helix handlebar bag, Specialized Burra Burra frame bag, and sometimes a Topeak top tube bag for my phone and gels..

Bike computer: Garmin 520. This has been totally dependable despite numerous crashes – there is a copious amount of silicone and duct tape on the cracked screen but it still works fine.

Bike stickers:
VeloInk is great, I can email him my own logos and he’ll put them into the system so they show up on your stickers.

I also design my own stickers and send them to StickerMule, they have been 100% perfect on all of my orders.

Tire pumps: Bontrager Flash Charger for tubeless blasting, and Joe Blow pumps for regular use. Be careful with the cheap crappy plastic connector to the hose on the Bontrager, it snapped off and cost me $25 to fix it.

That’s about it, other than clothing, which is chamois shorts under baggy shorts, t-shirt with super witty graphic or saying. Just get comfy for the work you’ll be putting in.
What do you like or hate on this list? Comment below!