Tools of the gravel riding trade

Tools of the gravel riding trade

Some tools of the trade

I usually use flat pedals if hike-a-bike or fishing shoes are needed for the adventure

  • Extra cleat parts and chainring bolts
  • Salt tablets
  • GU shots
  • Flat pedals
  • ID, cash
  • Bear spray
  • Air horn
  • Extra light
  • Waterproof bag for id, cash, CG pass
  • Compass
  • Crazy corner marking strip
  • Pink levers
  • Patch kit
  • Co2 canisters (padded for quiet)
  • Specific allenhead wrenches
  • Tube(s)
  • Pump

Fall riding gear

  • Best rain jacket you can afford
  • Rain cover for helmet
  • Waterproof boots
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Fogproof glasses
  • Cap for rain/sweat
  • Backpack
  • Headlight
  • Peleton

What I usually ride with

I don’t like to ride with a backpack so I usually have some sort of frame, seat and/or handlebar bag. I use my right front cage for a quick-reach bear spray holder. I bring a tube, Co2 can, nozzle, levers, and a pump if I have room. My ride usually starts with a ~40mph downhill to get to my gravel so if it’s cold, a windbreaker is a must. I’ll stash it in a bag if needed. I have given up on having a rain jacket that works so it’s all about heat/sweat management. I love a mesh undershirt, a jersey, a light down jacket and a wind breaker over that but it can get sweaty. I still love my old Novara winter gloves and have recently gotten rain shells for them. Cold hands and feet suck – I found a sweet pair of Specialized waterproof boots on a killer deal and as long as the rain pants are long enough, my feet actually stay dry and happy.

Overall, just stay fluid – If I’m going long, I’ll bring 2 tubes, extra water/food, a battery pack, corner marking material, maybe a paper map / compass. I intend to come home safe after every ride. Whatever it takes. I need to go ride now, see ya.

More stuff to consider

  • GoPro
  • DSLR camera
  • Extra batteries / memory cards
  • External battery pack to use as long-term battery for GoPro
  • Clothes layering
  • Charged phone
  • Backpack or bike bags
  • Paper map