Who am I? “What is this excellence all about, anyway?” you say

Gravel riding is a state of mind, really. All over the globe, there is some form of gravel riding, it might be sand, or dirt, or grass, hopefully a lot of gravel, but not the good gravel that we have here. There is an increasing desire to get out of the way of cars and those skinny 28s are fine, until they aren’t. Tubes? Don’t bring that weak noise into this gravel kitchen.

The road is just too sketchy – too many a-holes, drunks, texters, and haters.
I can now ride to my ride, the trails are right out my door, I can ride around Mt. Si, Rattlesnake Mt. and Tiger Mt without driving.
Come ride with us.

If you have any questions or suggestions, hit up that form and I’ll get back to you pdq.
Eric Norris

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