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gravel road in the mountains
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Snoqualmie Tree Farm
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Goldmeyer Hot Springs
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Hancock or Calligan?
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Towers = Climbing
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Epic Views to Puget Sound
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River Trail
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Not all Gravel is Gravel
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Change of Pace Bike
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Hell of the Northbend
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The Approach
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East of Hyak
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Tree Farm
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Rattlesnake Mountain
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Spring in the Tree Farm
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gravel riding infographic

Gravel Riding

There sure is a lot of hype and effort being put into gravel bikes these days. Gravel is only sometimes gravel, it’s usually more a mix of hardpack dirt, mud and gravel so it’s really just offroad. Understand that it’s about adventure riding and getting away from traffic and the human bullshit back in the world. The crunching becomes a soothing background noise.

Being a gravel rider is a state of mind really, the moment you turn up that good road or trail, you leave the manmade world of concrete behind and everything else goes with it. Full-time gravel riders are a different breed, they are gracefully tough, resourceful, they roll dirty, they prefer solo and appreciate getting the shit scared out of them by animals once in a while They just have to see what’s around the next corner, what’s over the top of this 3 hour climb…

Being a gravel rider means having a different style sense than roadies, less about fashion and a whole lot about function. Any bike that can ride on back roads without getting you stranded every time out is going to work. In reality, dropbar gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, hardtail mountain bikes are ideal but it’s all good. Just bring the goods to make sure you get home. It’s pretty easy to go hog-wild and create a gravel machine, but you sure don’t have to.

Welcome to Washington’s Cascades & Foothills

That’s where this story takes place only because it’s where we live and ride. We’re interested in expansion, if you are as well, ping us.

Our gravel riding stacks up against any in the world, we have old rail lines that run through the deepest forests and through the most barren deserts and everything in between. We have gravel climbs into the mountains that will make you run home cryin’ to your mama.

If you live here, then you probably already know what’s up but if you are from elsewhere and gravel-curious, take a little trip with us.
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While you're here

Local groups

Evergreen MTB Alliance
NW Gravel Riders (Facebook Group)

Local Cyclocross

CX Racing: Cross Revolution

Washington Gran Fondos

The crew from Vicious Cycle puts on an extremely popular gravel gran fondo series beginning with stops in Ephrata in late March. Stay tuned here for a signup announcement.

Local cycling friends / businesses

Campbell Global passes, Vicious Cycle,
Evergreen MTB, Compass Outdoor Adventures


Salish Lodge (Snoqualmie)
Hotel America (Snoqualmie)
Hilton Garden Inn (Issaquah)
Nelson Tree Farm (Fall City)
Summit Inn (Snoqualmie Pass)


Issaquah: 2 Safeway, QFC, Trader Joe’s, Costco
Snoqualmie: Safeway
Fall City: Farmhouse Market
North Bend: Safeway, QFC

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Gravel Rides

What level effort are we looking for today?

Easy = flat, as fast as you want

Medium = some climbing and distance

Hard = always involves much climbing and/or hike-a-bike. Some crying involved.

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Easy rides

We are blessed by having 2 different converted railtrails, the SVT (SnoValley Trail) is 31 miles of gravel on flat or a gentle grade from Duvall to Rattlesnake Lake outside of North Bend, and here it connects with the Palouse to Cascades Trail, also known as the John Wayne Trail and The Iron Horse Trail. This goes across Washington to Idaho, about 300 miles of gravel. That's just 2 trails.

svt snovalley trail
svt - snovalley trail
SVT snovalley trail
eric norris at rattlesnake lake
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Medium Rides

These are the bread and butter rides, from 20 miles to 45 miles and up to maybe about 3000 feet of vert. You don't have to climb, but of course you have to climb. duh.

Mt Si gravel riding
Mt si in winter
fork in the gravel road
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Gnar Rides

Oh boy, here we go. There are some hills right out our doors and you can easily attain top of the world views. It just takes 3 hours and a beelion feet of steep gravel. How about radio towers? They don't put those at the bottom of hills. We bag those too.

gravel bike overlooking moolock smc and nadeau lakes
gravel rider on rattlesnake mountain
denny creek

Come ride with us


Gravel, gravel riding, offroad riding, adventure seeking. mostly dropbar but not always


Year-round, our gravel ranges from sea-level to more than 5,000 feet so there is almost always some snow-free gravel to ride. Or just take your fat bike.


The lower rail-trails if there's snow, in the summer it's wide open - it's often about peak bagging and tower bagging.

it's just better here


Check out some of the stuff on this site, you should be able to glean enough expertly and creatively written directions here.


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